I met Greg randomly when purchasing a mixer from him through Craigslist.  He mentioned that he ran sound and, since we we’re looking for another option for a good sound guy with nice gear, the timing was just right.  That said, when you’ve worked with primarily one person for a long period of time, trying a new guy can be a pretty scary leap of faith that can have really unpleasant results in the event you make a bad choice.  However, while advancing the show with Greg, most of my fears were allayed just by talking with him through the planning stages for our first show together.  

The show in question was an important one for us.  It was a cool event that, as musicians, we were looking forward to.  Furthermore, it was for a valuable client of ours that treats us very well.  We didn’t want this show to go wrong.

One of my favorite things about Greg, other than his great ear, is his desire to arrive at the venue almost ridiculously early and allow plenty of time for load-in, set-up and sound check.  That’s exactly the way I like it.  If he would have suggested we show up two hours before showtime and just wing it, that would have been the end of our business relationship.


I’ll cut to the chase here and say any remaining fears about using someone new were gone by the end of the day.  We couldn’t have been happier working with Greg that first show and received nothing but positive compliments from people who’s opinions we value greatly.  MANY musicians commented on what a great mix we had that day.

We’ve continued to use Greg on an ongoing basis since that first show and the level of service has been consistent.  His gear is top quality and well taken care of and he continues to expand and upgrade accordingly.  His attention to detail and obvious desire to provide a good product and service are invaluable and much appreciated.  As much as we’d like to keep him a secret, we can’t keep him busy enough and he has potential for success in this business.  So, by all means, give Greg a go.

Rob Jolin

I would like to take this opportunity to speak on behalf of Greg White and the professional relationship I have enjoyed with him as a member of the LEEDING ZEROS.

Greg’s sound management abilities are first rate. In the many shows we have utilized Greg he has enhanced the sound of our band, providing a well- balanced and well-rounded mix to all the instruments we utilize. His ability to manage stage volumes in respect to getting the best mix possible has been key inasmuch as we play in many different sized venues that present acoustic challenges.

Over the past two years we have utilized Greg for television audio as well as live performances. His attention to detail, promptness and genuine likeability is very helpful in problem solving and providing a platform for best results. The growth in his capabilities as an engineer is a continual asset to our band. Also, the system Greg owns and operates has become a state of the art show with exceptional sound reinforcement and lighting gear.

I would not hesitate to recommend Greg for any genre or size of show and always look forward to utilizing his skills in the future.

Greg Burt